Creasing Matrix


Partwell Group stock a variety of creasing matrix brands, ManMat, and C&T Ltd (formerly Channel Creasing Matrix Ltd and Trimplex Limited)

Online exclusive offer: order 5 or more boxes of crease matrix and shipping is free of charge within the UK mainland. This offer includes XTC, Micro XTC, Trax, Original and Reverse Bend.                                                                      

Photography of ManMat Sure Score Creasing Matrix

ManMat Sure Score Creasing Matrix

Steel based creasing matrix covering channel widths from 0.5mm to 6.0mm
Photography of ProCrease Creasing Matrix

ProCrease Creasing Matrix

Part number: MX0548
Easy to use finger-lift adhesive system.
Photography of ManMat Cut Repair Kit

ManMat Cut Repair Kit

Part number: DM2572
ManMat Cut Repair Kit
Photography of XTC Creasing Matrix

XTC Creasing Matrix

PVC material for cost-effec­tiveness
Photography of Trax Plus Creasing Matrix

Trax Plus Creasing Matrix

Convenient, accurate, extremely durable and suitable for fragile or recycled board, the Channel Trax Plus is the ultimate choice in advanced matrix systems.
Photography of PINK Creasing Matrix

PINK Creasing Matrix

The tough, fibrous Matrix, PINK from the world leaders in the design and manufacture of creasing matrix, C&T.
Photography of Original Creasing Matrix

Original Creasing Matrix

The world's first & most widely used matrix
Photography of Micro XTC Creasing Matrix

Micro XTC Creasing Matrix

PVC material with a micro 5mm base
Photography of Creasing Matrix Hand Cutters

Creasing Matrix Hand Cutters

Part number: MX0702
Mitring Pliers
Photography of Matrix Cutter (Bench Mounted)

Matrix Cutter (Bench Mounted)

Part number: MX0714
Mitres both ends of the matrix, suitable for cutting all widths