Conveyor Tracks Plastic Parts

Conveyor Tracks Plastic Parts

Plastic Parts Conveyor Track Partwell

Plastic Parts Conveyor Track PartwellPlastic Parts Conveyor Tracks Partwell


Plastic Parts Machining Service – Polyethylene Conveyor Tracks

Featured in the above images are two example PE100 grade polyethylene conveyor tracks machined on Partwell Group’s CNC equipment.

Both plastic components have been produced according to customer specifications. Machined from black ultra high molecular weight polyethylene PE 1000 grade material.  PE 1000 grade plastic components will provide the client with:

  • A high level of wear and abrasion resistance that is demanded of conveyor lines.
  • Very good tensile strength of the parts
  • Long lasting machine parts to minimum part change over time

All of our stocked plastic sheet can be supplied in sheet format or made to order plastic components.

Conveyor tracks can also be machined from high molecular weight polyethylene PE500 grade, nylon and acetal.

Partwell offer a totally bespoke conveyor track engineering service drawn and machined from either dimensioned hard copy drawings or from your dwg or dxf files. Call 01254 295707 or email your drawing to

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