Conveyor Straights Plastic Parts

Conveyor Straights Plastic Parts

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Plastic Parts for Conveyor & Materials Handling Equipment

Partwell have machined this conveyor straight plastic component from high molecular weight polyethylene HMW PE500 grade material.  Plastic parts such as conveyor straights are produced from PE500 polyethylene as this will offer good wear and abrasion resistance. Other features include:

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • A good material hardness and impact resistance
  • Suitable for contact with food stuffs – ideal for canning and bottling conveyors
  • HMWPE is available in a vast range of colours, perfects if your production plant requires a colour coding system

Sheet Plastic Stockist

Partwell machine bespoke plastic parts such as conveyor straights from a range of stocked materials. Other harder wearing materials suitable for conveyor and materials handling plants include high density polyethylene HDPE, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene UHMW PE1000 grade, Nylon and Acetal. 

Using high quality machine wear resistant and durable parts will minimise changeovers on machines and down time.

Call the CNC Machining Office on 01254 295707 or for a quotation.

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