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CNC Engineering/CNC Machining 5 Axis
Water Jet Cutting Machine Partwell
Partwell Group operate 5-axis CNC engineering technology makes the precision CNC cutting of complex 3D plastic components a simple operation.

Press Cutting Machine, CNC Cutting and Water Jet Cutting

The CNC machining head can rotate to almost any angle, reducing lead times for components with non standard angle detail without the need to have special tools manufactured.

  • Extensive machining capabilities - 5 axis, 3 axis CNC machines, Water Jet Cutting, lathe, die cutting press and more

  • Fast auto-changing head

  • Large bed sizes – 3500mm x 1500mm

  • Component passage of 330mm

  • Spindle speed 20,000 rpm

  • Rapid speeds of up to 75 meters per minute

  • CNC machining speeds of up to 12 meters per minute based on tooling

  • 26 tool stations

  • Material probes for ensuring precise measuring

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Photography of 5 Axis CNC machined Polyethylene PE500

5 Axis CNC machined Polyethylene PE500

High precision engineered on our 5-axis CNC machine
Photography of 5-Axis Engineered PE1000 Plastic Part

5-Axis Engineered PE1000 Plastic Part

CNC machined from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene PE1000