Carton Waste Stripping Machine - CartoStrip™

Carton Waste Stripping Machine - CartoStrip™

CartoStrip Compact

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The CartoStrip™ waste stripping machine is an easy to use, hand held stripping device for removing waste from die-cut sheets. Suitable for both solid carton board (minimum waste depth 8.5mm) and corrugated fibre board (minimum waste depth 20mm).

The latest generation of the CartoStrip™ is manufactured with a heavy duty motor and powerful pneumatic drive. The chain should last a minimum of six months providing the stripper is used correctly.

Stripping Time Reduced by up to 85%

Production time can also be saved on setting back and side trim removal on die cutter. The operator can strip a pallet while the next one is running through the die cutter.

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Two-handed operation for safety – unique to the UK market
  • Hardened parts for longer life
  • Ultra hard chain and enclosed pneumatics for improved safety
  • Reduced risk of RSI
  • 8.0m minimum gutter depth - narrowest on the market
  • Undamaged cartons resulting in improved gluer throughput


Power output


Air pressure

6.3 bar (90 psi)

Air consumption

1.98 l/s



Noise next to machine

91 dB

Noise at 1m from machine

86 dB

Ambient noise

34 dB

 The machine and spare parts are available to order from Partwell Group.

Call sales on 01254 671875 or email

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