Acetal POM Plastic Sheet

Acetal POM Plastic Sheet

Plastic Sheet Acetal Partwell


Acetal POM Engineering Plastic

Acetal exhibits mechanical, chemical and electrical properties over a broad temperature range for long periods of time. It has low coefficients of friction and displays good wear characteristics, particularly in damp conditions.

Benefits & Features:

  • Excellent creep resistance
  • Easy to machine to close tolerance with high quality finishes
  • Hard, strong and stiff
  • Good electrical resistance
  • Lower water absorption


  • Gears, racks, cogs, cams and pulleys
  • Star wheels, bearing plates and valve seats
  • Switches to car seat belts

Most grades of Acetal are FDA approved and are available in sheet or rod.

Partwell Group are a plastic sheet stockist, holding a variety of different grades for all industries. We can supply in sheet format, rod or machined components. If you require further information or a quotation please feel free to call our CNC engineers directly on 01254 295707.

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