5-Axis Engineered PE1000 Plastic Part

5-Axis Engineered PE1000 Plastic Part

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This 5-axis CNC engineered plastic part has been machined from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene PE1000 grade material.

This is the perfect material, for wearing parts, PE1000 grade polyethylene offers unrivalled abrasion resistance properties, in fact it resists abrasion up to ten times longer than carbon steel. This combined with very good low temperature impact strength, elongation and tensile strength.

Partwell are a plastic sheet stockist, stocking PE1000 grade in a large range of sheet sizes and thicknesses. In addition to this we have a complimentary plastic parts production unit, with a range of equipment including a state of the art 5 axis CNC machine and lathe. We machine tailor made plastic components from all grades of plastic sheet.

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene can be supplied as plastic parts, plastic sheet and rod. For a quotation please call Partwell on 01254 295707 or email cnc@partwell.com

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